Montag, 20. März 2017


Greetings from Indonesia !! We arrived on Bali on the 12th of March at 1:00 am. It was pretty easy to find a taxi driver. They are everywhere as soon as you go into the airport hall. Everybody wants to drive you for a lot of money to the hotel. Suzie and I paid also too much. We got for 100 000 IRP to our place.  That is approximately ten Australian Dollars, but a way too expensive for a ten minute drive. In summary, you have to bargain with the Balinese, also when you want to buy something on the local markets. If you ask for the price of a T- Shirt, they will say: "220 000". A shirt with poor quality for 22 bucks.... nope. You can get a dress, a shirt or a trousers for 40 000 IDR. The normal price is 30 000 IRP for sunglasses and 50 000 IRP for a small bag.  I also have to tell you that the Balinese massages are awesome. Suzie and I enjoyed our massages for just 75 000 IDR for an hour.

Furthermore,  our stay was good at "The One Legian" for three nights. The rooftop pool, the staffs and the breakfast buffet were awesome. We had pancakes, fruits, cereals, fried noodles and rice, cake, toast, omelets, waffles and more. It was the place to be in the morning, especially if you love food as me. :D. We were a little bit disappointed with the hotel room as it was pretty small and you could hear every single word from the neighbor's room. After our stay at the hotel, we moved into the hostel "TZ- Party Hostel". It was definitely the right decision. We had a clean and normal room with a small bathroom and a wonderful balcony. We had the feeling that we were in paradise. Palm trees surrounded us and the two swimming pools made the place special. I would definitely recommend the hostel in the heart of Kuta. If you want to go into a good club, go to Sky- Garden. That place is next to the Party- Hostel (that is the reason why the hostel has its name :D). You can have a party every night there.

If you're looking for a nice restaurant to eat, go to the place on the map. You can get meals for 15 000 IDR. The small restaurant is more for the locals and that is why, it is a way cheaper than the tourist restaurants on the main road.  

If you want to go surfing than don't book a surf lesson with a surf school. They will charge you a price too high. It is also funnier with a  local teacher on the beach. You can get a surf lesson for 200 000 IDR for an hour.

In summary, Kuta was absolutely great. I met a lot of people and learned a lot about the Balinese culture and I tried surfing for the first time, and damn, that was awesome...