Sonntag, 9. April 2017

K O R E A - R E V I E W

South Korea. A cultural experience. South Korea is the country of plastic surgeries, street food, traditional markets and chop sticks. After three weeks, I  am still not able to handle chop sticks. I really don't know how they are doing it. It is sooo difficult arg...

I have to say that I gained a lot of experiences in South Korea, especially food experiences  . The reason is that I lived at Suzies place the most time. Now I know that rice is "the world" in this country. Rice for breakfast, rice for lunch, rice for dinner and between the meals you're eating snacks which are made out of rice. Yep, "rice is the world" there.

I would  definitely recommend street food as Suzie and I arrived in South Korea, we ate and tried soo much food. I'm in love with fish pancakes with soy sauce and Korean Sushi Rolls. Gimbap are rice rolls that look a lot like Sushi. There are so delicious!! Besides I'm not really a "fan" of side dishes. When you're going out with friends. You will just order a main meal for your whole group. Everybody will normally get a very small plate or bowl  and the waiter will serve different vegetables on small plates. You will share everything. Our table was usually full of side dishes...

... South Koreans love to eat meat!!! One day I had the situation that I ate chicken for breakfast (of course with rice), beef for lunch and pork for dinner .That was pretty tough for me as I usually eat meat once a week. Another fact about Korea is that 99,9 % can't speak English. I would be helpless without Suzie.

The people are also very kind in South Korea and are always happy to see foreigners. Most of them want to have a drink with you or you will get a present.