Donnerstag, 8. Juni 2017


We took part in a sand dunes tour today. The guide picked us up early in the morning (approximately at 4:15 am). Sooo early :D. I know..., but actually it was good that it was so early as we could  see the sunrise at the top of the sand dunes. I didn't experienced that before. It was really special for me.  :D, and definitely the cheaper option as Abu Dhabi. Tomorrow, we are going to our last motorbike destination. ... Saigon is coming... :(!!!, Darnell (my travel buddy) and I just bought the bikes in Hanoi and now we have to sell them. Soo sad and soo soon. In one week we are already in Cambodia and on the 2nd we have our flight to Melbourne. Finally, I'm going back to Australia. I am so well tanned at the moment...., but yeah. everything is coming to an end and the coldness is waiting for me in Straya.  Goodbye cheap food and hot summer weather.